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  • vegetable medley with veal
King Tomislav Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +38514599129
King Tomislav Restaurant opened in 1995, along with the opening of the first hotel in the independent Republic Croatia, operating under an international hotel brand, the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel. The restaurant was named after the first Croatian king, Tomislav, crowned, who reigned the empire from form 910 to 928. His majesty was a mighty, but noble warrior and ruler; he united Croatian Pannonia and Slavonia and is, to this day, celebrated as an important and inspiring historical figure.
Strawberries and rhubarb with whipped cream
  • Location
  • Ul. Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb 10000
  • Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Authentic National Cuisine
From every region, our culinary team chooses only the best to create delicious dishes in order to bring the diversity and richness of Croatia's kitchen closer to our guests. The following five key regions particularly stand out for their regional cuisine and richness of flavors.
fresh fish from the market zagreb
Dalmatian cuisine
Characterized by predominant fish dishes
the market zagreb
Slavonia and Zagorje region
Famous regions for meat and freshwater fish
Restaurant Kralj Tomislav
Dalmatinska Zagora
Carry a distinctive mark over the local gastronomy, as an homage to the past.
the market zagreb
Croatia's Rich Culinary Heritage Reinterpreted with a modern twist!
Our multi-award winning culinary team, inspired by Croatia's rich culinary heritage and tradition, turbulent history and an abundance of premium fresh ingredients, took the old recipes and menus and reinterpreted them with a passionate, modern twist. The ingredients for these unique dishes are bought directly on Croatian farms and markets to stick to the tradition and keep up with the freshness of the products as well the seasonality.